Winter Solstice

Clockwise from top left: Winter moonrise on the Peconic River, Riverhead, NY. ◼ The moon rises over the bay at South Jamesport, NY. With a thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices as watchers await the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the evening of December 21, 2020, the first time in 800 years that these planets appear to merge as one. The lyric belongs to an 1847 carol, “O Holy Night” written by Adolphe Charles Adam. ◼ Dusk falls over the fields of Northville, NY.

The Joy of Portraiture

Part of why I love my job as a visual artist is that it’s not a job; it’s an adventure. Here are portraits of Joseph D. (and Marie) with whom I recently had an hour to work. In that short time, we shared ideas, hope, humor and joy.

I like to see people’s delight when they discover that I’m absolutely in love with my work.

Comet Neowise

#cometneowise viewed from the North Shore of Eastern Long Island, NY

This is the July 21, 2020 appearance of Comet Neowise, photographed about an hour after sunset from the north shore of Eastern Long Island, NY. It is an example of the camera aiding the human eye, seeing something hard to perceive. After making numerous exposures ranging from 4 to 30 seconds, only then did I begin to see the comet’s tail. Across the Long Island Sound, the lights from a beach bonfire and from New Haven and Bridgeport, Connecticut appear on the horizon.

I met a woman swimming in the dark, felt the exhilaration of the hunt and spent two evenings in awe, witnessing this magical speck in the sky with other beachgoers. This part of a grand Universe visible now in the Northern Hemisphere has drawn so many of us together in imagination and wonder, a harbinger of peace.

The Soothing Powers of Ocean

Two brothers thrilled to recall a childhood having grown up in the waves of the majestic Atlantic Ocean, with family whom we haven’t seen since before the Pandemic. We all changed. One grew a beard. One got quiet. One grew outspoken. It was a beautiful distraction. I wondered if I could trace the feelings and show them with the lens–an odd sort of reticence.

New Pieces Influenced by Covid-19

These new images essentially chronicle daily life for me since March, 2020 during New York State’s PAUSE, otherwise known as the Valve, also called the lockdown even though the Governor would say it’s not a Lockdown.

Lunch with the Governor by Miranda Gatewood, 2020, 36″ x 24″ photographic collage. Courtesy of the artist.

Around noon every day, New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo would hold a daily briefing from his Albany, NY headquarters or from a handful of different pertinent locations across the state. Sometimes he would speak from Rochester or from the Jacob Javits Convention Center, site of a temporary hospital that was being prepared for 1,000 covid-19 patients. There would be a dais, upon which he would be seated, flanked by his socially distant cabinet members.

Happy Oranges by Miranda Gatewood, 2020, video clip. Courtesy of the artist.

Every day since mid-March, with great trepidation, I remained indoors and read voraciously. Non-fiction. Epidemiology. The science of virology and any graph and chart that I could get my hands on. It became my routine to help me stay focused, however paltry. Small things became monumental. Getting food, even peanut butter or oatmeal, became the focus of the day and the center of a feast. If there were spring bulbs blossoming in the yard, I brought them inside and made a centerpiece. I discovered that every day, I was essentially having Lunch with the Governor.

These two snarky offerings are for East End Arts, Riverhead, NY.

Image Power!

There’s no better compliment than to have my portrait of Diane Tucci appear on the Parrish Art Museum’s website to announce a joint event entitled “The Impact of Images.”

Diane Tucci of Main Street Media, Riverhead, NY

Thanks to the Parrish Art Museum and to Diane Tucci for showcasing my image! Here’s much more from that shoot:…/10041443

In case you didn’t notice, I love portraiture! I can’t wait to schedule more of these portrait sessions. See how much fun we’ll have together!

Life in the Time of Covid-19

Life in the Time of Covid-19

The PhotoPlace Gallery of Middlebury, Vermont offers monthly, juried photographic exhibitions to photographers worldwide, each with a new topic and internationally recognized juror. The present show, “Life in the Time of Covid-19” is at once provocative, timely and timeless.

The eerie solitude, a forced hibernation in the time of Spring’s natural awakening, bears down upon us. These conditions created a darkness and gravity to my present work, seen here.

Bubble, 2020
Under Glass, 2020
Eye, 2020
Self-Portrait, 2020
Glove, 2020
Shadow of the Living, 2020
Oranges, 2020

Make Your Own Movie

A new online class sponsored by East End Arts, Riverhead, NY with instructor Miranda Gatewood. For ages 14 to adult.

For beginners or intermediate level videographers, using your cell phones or DSLR cameras, we’ll be exploring your remarkable experiences and documenting them. Learn how to make a video, organize clips and combine them in iMovie or Movie Maker, free apps you can download for Mac or Windows. The twice-weekly class every Monday and Wednesday begins April 20, 2020 and runs through May 13 from 4:00 to 4:30 pm. Eight 30-minute classes: 4/20, 4/22, 4/27, 4/29, 5/4, 5/6, 5/11 & 5/13. Cost is $80.00 for East End Arts members / $100.00 non-members.