Winter 2022 Digital Photography Virtual Exhibition

Curated by Miranda Gatewood and produced by Lorena Doherty

Showcasing the photographers participating in Photo Safaris, the North Shore Public Library, Shoreham, NY. February-March 2022.

Some of the fervent photographic geniuses who happen to be patrons of the North Shore Public Library, Shoreham, NY enjoying one of the regular “Photo Safari” field workshops in August 2019.

“The secret of photography is the camera takes on the character and personality of the handler.” –Walker Evans

The photographs in this exhibit show an amazing curiosity about the world in our midst. There are images about nature, but what’s revealed is the photographer’s sense of awe. There are images of water, landscapes, and similar scenes, but the works are actually impressionism. This is why photography is such a beloved art form: it’s so readily accessible, yet with a bit of creative imagination, it can make the mundane into the magical. Also evident is that the group enjoyed an awakening and the freedom of a journey without end. 

–Miranda Gatewood

About this exhibition and the Photo Safaris:
Beginning in 2018, Lorena Doherty of the North Shore Public Library booked me to teach a photography workshop and the subsequent field outings that we called Photo Safaris. A year prior, Karen Thum, a librarian at the Riverhead Free Library showed me photographs she had taken with her smartphone and was impressed with my critique as I pointed out their merits and compositional strengths.

“You should teach!” Karen concluded.
“OK!” I agreed.

I had been exhibiting since 1977. After enjoying a vivid 40-year career in publishing, a new door opened for me when Karen booked my first workshop. I have since taught at East End Arts, Gallery North and Farmingdale State College. It’s an ongoing exploration and conversation with a few dozen people running alongside me!

I never expected those early workshops to be at capacity. But I had seen more and more people, retired or still mid-career—who had lost touch with what brought them joy—were turning to photography.

Far from an academic art class, anyone can enjoy a photography walk. More and more people showed up with cellphones or retrieved their old 35mm cameras, and learned a little at a time. I offered one-on-one instruction and answered questions as we walked. Almost immediately, a solid group of faithful patrons formed who, like Lorena and me, loved pictures, whether it be looking at them, taking them or talking about them.

When the pandemic shut down the libraries, we paused then went virtual. Lorena realized the value of keeping this group together and worked to reawaken everyone and guide them through the new virtual format. I came up with theme assignments like Home & Shelter, Pure Portrait/Self-Portrait, Water, Pattern/Color/Texture, Mirrors & Windows, Gravity, Posterity/The Past, Fears & Phobias, Fall Light, Masks and Unrealities. In December, Lorena organized the most recent in-person outdoor Photo Safari at Spirit’s Promise Horse Rescue.

Patrons thrilled in the sheer joy of discovery as they shared themed photographs, received critiques and saw examples from historical masters in the art of photography in each one-hour workshop. The outcome was the same for all of us: to relish in a playful awakening of imagination and to be a part of this meaningful show of fine work.
–Miranda Gatewood

See the show at this link.

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Outdoor Photo Safari

Join Miranda Gatewood on an Outdoor Photo Safari Photo Shoot sponsored by the North Shore Pubic Library on Friday, Aug. 23 from 10 am to 1 pm. Free. Essential photo instruction with personalized attention. Bring your camera, provide your own transportation. We will meet at the surprise location in the images above (the library will give you location and directions once you register at 631-929-4488). Non-cardholders are welcome. Registration a must.