Nine Views

Indian Island County Park is a 275-acre park located at the estuarine mouth of the Peconic River, Riverhead, NY.

Nine Views is the name of an assignment that I gave two of my Introduction to Photography classes at Farmingdale State College, Farmingdale, NY in the Spring 2022 semester.

The aim is to choose one subject. It can be a person, place or a thing. The smaller the subject, the harder it will be to explore it thoroughly (e.g., the eye of a bee). Don’t choose too large a subject (e.g., the Cross-Bronx Expressway) either.

I implored them to explore the subject photographically, shooting it from as many viewpoints and angles as possible, realizing the subject in as many ways as possible.

Think of the ways one might approach a subject: from above, below, back, sides, front, close-up, from a distance; framing it, cropping it, in full sun, in dim light, etc. Spending time with the subject will enable you to discover aspects that will reveal themselves over time.

Think of mood, about how you are communicating an idea, and about how the images you are taking reflect your active viewpoint or how they passively capture what exists. Can a photograph show bias? Of course; the mere choice of subject projects bias.

Sort through all the photographs you took and select nine completely different photographs to represent diverse ways the subject can be viewed.

Of course, my students can count on me to do every assignment that I give them.

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